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Deaconess ICU Nurse Danielle Norman Is This Week’s Hometown Hero

They are the hard-working men and women in the healthcare field dedicating their time to help others during this pandemic.

One Tri-State Intensive Care Unit nurse is doing just that going above and beyond for her community.

“That was my inspiration coming out of nursing school. I always wanted to say I was an ICU nurse and be really proud of that,” says Danielle Norman, Deaconess ICU Nurse.

A passion for as long as she can remember.

“I really wanted to be a nurse back in high school,” says Norman. “Both of my grandmothers actually passed away from cancer within a year of each other, so I was really inspired to become a nurse back then.”

Danielle is seeing the impact of the virus firsthand as an ICU nurse at Deaconess Gateway.

“We are the ones that battle the sickest patients that come through those doors,” says Norman, “You know ER they get those patients ready to go and if they need, we will be there to give them life saving medications. ICU nurses will be there to fix any problem.”

Working hard nonstop each and everyday to save lives.

“It really has been a crazy time for us,” says Norman. “I’m just a little more aware of what’s going on. I feel like I’m a little more alert of what’s going on with my patients because right now is more important than ever.”

Norman says nurses are sharing units right now, working countless hours, ensuring her patients are safe and well taken care of.

“Everyday we are in charge of updating families,” says Norman. “I never thought this job would be so crucial on just a day-to-day basis just to update a family member, but it has been lately. We now have staff members Facetiming families going around the hospital to see how they’re doing.”

Along with her dedication to work, Danielle is also involved in the community as a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters inspiring the next generation of healthcare workers.

“I’ve always been proud to say that my little sister would like to be a nurse one day especially through this crazy time,” says Norman. “She says she still wants to be a nurse.”

Even in these unprecedented times, Norman says she remains hopeful.

“I feel really inspired to see the community coming together,” says Norman. “It seems like the community has done so much for us. I’ve never felt more appreciated in seeing people donate masks, seeing people donate medical supplies, or even donate their food to us nurses.”

We continue to celebrate those working to keep our community safe, including ICU Nurse Danielle Norman, this week’s Hometown Hero.



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