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Dangers of Leaving Your Car Unattended

People are more likely to leave their car running unattended on chilly winter mornings than any other time. Unfortunately, that’s a perfect time for thieves to take advantage of innocent people.

In fact, about 40% of people warm up their cars in the winter while they’re getting ready at home or running quick errands.

There are several different reasons why some people leave their cars running to defrost.

“I get arthritis so bad, there’s no way I could stand to get in the car and wait or it to warm up,” says community member, Nancy Wirth.

“You see so many people take off going to work and their windshield is half cleaned off and they can’t see good,” says community member, Jack Crawford.

Although, if your car happens to be stolen while you are letting it idle unattended, it could cost you big time even with full coverage insurance.

“Most of the insurance companies would pay a particular claim of negligence on your part and it wouldn’t be a problem,” says Vaughn Insurance Agent, Nibby Priest. “Of course, they could come back on you later on and your rates could be higher.”

If you have insurance, but don’t have full coverage your claim is likely going to get rejected.

“If you don’t have full coverage, they are not going to pay anything for the damages to your vehicle,” says Priest.

Car thefts tend to rise in the winter because thieves are counting on people to leave their cars running with their keys in the ignition. If your car is stolen, that habit could cost you more than just your car.

“In some states, it’s against the law they can write you a ticket for it,” says Crawford.

It’s illegal to keep your car running unattended in Illinois and Kentucky. Authorities advise people against leaving cars unattended for any length of time because it’s an open invitation to any thief to steal your car.

“Don’t leave your car unattended right stay with it,” says Crawford.

Studies show cars warm up quicker while in motion. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend letting your car run for only about a minute before driving.



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