Crews Working To Repair Sinkhole On Evansville’s West Side

Crews are working to repair a large sinkhole that opened up on the west side of Evansville. The sinkhole shut down traffic on Fifth Avenue and Fountain Drive.

Crews have been working throughout the day to clear out debris from inside the sinkhole, and try to figure out what exactly caused the road to cave in.

Folks in the neighborhood say they saw water spouting out of the area Tuesday.

Peter Gilbert said, “Yeah yesterday it just dropped the ground just dropped there on the other side and the next thing I know that they dug this up, but it dropped right there left a big square in the ground water was shooting everywhere and we tried to block it off with grocery carts.”

Water Utility officials say an underground sewer line broke, which eventually led to the ground collapsing.

Crews are still working on repairs and there is no timetable set for when they might be finished.



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