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Creative Ways to Keep From Catching Cabin Fever

The fear of infection is upon us, and so many events have been cancelled…and now you can’t even watch sports?

It won’t last forever, but until it ends, we’re going to have to get creative to keep from cabin fever.

Let’s start with what you can do at home…your streaming services have dropped a lot of new content over the last month, and I’ going to give you some shows that are sure to cure the blues.

I love a cartoon that is smart enough for me, but has the humor that my kids enjoy too, and with 7 seasons on Hulu?

Bob’s Burgers hits both those marks!

Voiced by the same guy that plays “Archer” Bob Belcher is a struggling restaurant owner with a love of burgers, puns, his wife and 3 outrageous kids.

There’s always something zany going on at the restaurant or Wagstaff Elementary, but despite it all…Bob and his family manage to pull through and it always has hilarious results.

And with all of those seasons, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do…and time to do it.

For historical drama fans, all 3 seasons of “The Crown” are available on Netflix, and almost every episode, movie and special from “The Trailer Park Boys” is available too!

Let’s think outside the box now…

Here’s some things that you can do alone, with your sweetie, or as a family…

Break out those old board games, or that lovingly worn deck of cards and feel free to smack talk, challenge each other to duels, make alliances, etcetera!

A little healthy competition leads to laughs and a feeling of together-ness.

Break out that sugar cookie recipe your great-grandmother made you promise not to share, or that cookbook you bought at a Junior League event, and get creative in the kitchen!

You’re not going anywhere, so even if it turns out to be an epic fail, it’s all about having fun together!

Do your scrapbooks or journals have dust collecting on them?

Go through them with your kids and tell them funny stories they might not have heard, or tell your friends about what a big crush you had on John Stamos.

You can also sit down and seriously plan your summer vacation, or break out the curlers, masks, and makeup and give everyone a makeover!

This can’t last forever, but while it is happening, we just need to flex our creative muscles to keep us from having cabin fever.



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