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Create to Your Heart’s Content at Whims & Wishes

The DIY paint experience has been trending for a few years, and is showing no signs of stopping.

These places promise to teach you to mimic Van Gogh, or Bob Ross, and to send you home with something you’ll be proud to hang on the wall.

The newest addition to the trend is in Henderson, and has taken the craze to a whole new level.

“Whims & Wishes” is the perfect name for this sweet little ‘do it yourself’ paint project gallery.

They offer a variety of fun, kids and adult DIY paint workshops including project based classes and basic to advanced techniques and how-to s.

Here’s how it works:

Whims & Wishes provides all the materials for you to make a beautiful and personalized wall decoration for your home from scratch.

You choose the colors, and you build and paint your design.

This isn’t your regular paint place…

We probably have close to a thousand different designs that we can offer. We can custom design almost anything!
If you want to call us and order something? Bradley can have something cut on the spot, so kind of like ‘on demand’.
So when you walk in for a paint party and you don’t see that personalized, or custom design, I’d say 85% of the time, he can cut that for you.
So you can have your last name on something or anything personalized!

Your choices include much more than canvas!

Your design can be a monogram, logo, or sign…like this…except for we need a “the” right there.

And they have a sister business, “Woodworks & Wishes” that allows them to add custom wood designs.

We have so many designs that we cut and ship to other boutiques across the United States that they can turn around and sell, and carry our product.

They also do fundraisers, which means instead of selling pizza, popcorn, or gift wrap door-to-door (which is kind of unsafe), you can offer an evening of relaxation, conversation and education all in one place…and something fun to bring home to commemorate the experience!

And, get this, no appointment is necessary!

You spot something sweet on Pinterest and just have to have it?

As long as they’re open…you can drop in and create to your heart’s content.

Plus they do bachelorette and birthday parties…they’ll travel to you…specials like Monogram Mondays and sidewalk sales.

Wishing for a special piece for your home?

Moved by a whim to create something unique?

Stop yearning, and start doing…it yourself…at Whims & Wishes.

Ready to paint your family’s monogram, or just Bob Ross it up with some friends?

Find Whims & Wishes at 1642 2nd Street in Henderson, Kentucky.

This coming Sunday, the 28th, they’re holding an open paint party from 1-4pm!

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