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Court Rules in Favor of Father Seeking Documents in Daughter’s Death; Hopes for Answers

The Indiana Court of Appeals rules in favor of a father demanding answers after his daughters death.

The court ruled in favor of Todd Scales, Kristy Kelley’s father, to unseal documents from the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office regarding her death. The court ruled the records were not part of a criminal investigation and could not be withheld.

“We love her. Miss her. We’re trying our best to get answers,” says Scales.

For Scales, the memory of his daughter remains fresh in his mind.

“Fun. I want to use the word vivacious. I mean she’s really a character,” says Scale. “Loved to play pranks, joke around, you know just a really lively, good person and that’s the way I always remember her.”

He’s waited four and a half years for answers.

“This is a huge step getting these files so we can learn more,” says Scales.

His daughter Kristy Kelley was reported missing in August 2014, and a month later her body was discovered in her car at the bottom of a lake.

Scales wanted access to records, but they were sealed and her death was ruled an accident.

“You know as a father you’ve gotta get answers and I would think that’s normal,” says Scales.

Just this week, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in Scales’ favor to receive those documents leaving him overwhelmed.

“It was tears of joy. I mean I don’t think I ever had tears of joy in my life that was, they were there,” says Scales.

44News reached out to the Warrick County Sheriff Michael Wilder who says he was disappointed with the ruling, but respects the court’s decision.

“We’ll see what they contain and if there’s something there okay, if there’s not okay. Either way we can get closure and move on,” says Scales.

With many unanswered questions, Scales is hoping the documents might shed new light on his daughter’s death.

“I have no choice, but to move forward with this,” says Scales. “You gotta stay strong. I’m looking for answers and I gotta stay positive.”

Scales says he plans to have the files reviewed by a professional and have a forensic pathologist examine the cause of Kristy’s death. The Sheriff’s Office has 30 days to petition the case to the Indiana Supreme Court.



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