County Council Holds Emergency Public Meeting

The Vanderburgh County Council discussed, over a teleconference, how this pandemic will affect government employees and the community. Although the county’s budget won’t take a big hit this year.

“But what will be seriously affected will be 2021-2022 as far as finances are concerned,” says Vanderburgh County Council President Tom Shetler.

Vanderburgh county is expecting staff at the jail, transportation services, and even IT to be working overtime.

“Critical services are being done on a daily basis,” says Shetler.

This topped with the loss of revenue will have a substantial financial impact.

“The riverboat being shut down right now will be a large hit, incomes down due to layoffs will be a major problem,” says Shetler. It’s a trickle-down effect from the state coffers that starts with each taxpayers’ pocketbook. “The state collects those revenues. They won’t distribute those revenues to the county for 18 to 24 months later.”

The Vanderburgh County Council President says they’re expecting relief from the federal government, but doesn’t know how much that will be.

“So that means we have to be very prudent on how we are going to spend our money today,” says Shetler.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the commissioners are making sure to take care of their employees. The County Council voted unanimously to allow employees to take unpaid leave before burning through their vacation time. They are also giving workers 24 hours of PTO if they can’t work due to coronavirus/ COVID-19 symptoms. These adjustments will only carry out through April 7th, when Indiana’s stay at home order is expected to expire.



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