County Clerks Prepare for Thursday’s Recanvass

Kentucky County Clerks are preparing to recanvass the votes for Governor Matt Bevin after he lost to Attorney General Andy Beshear in last week’s election.

“This is most important to make sure every vote is counted,” says Leslie McCarty, Daviess County Clerk. “For county clerks it’s just more timely than it is difficult.”

Bevin’s campaign formally requested a recanvass, which is different from a recount, stating the people of Kentucky deserve a fair and honest election.

“Were looking at all the tapes and reports that have come out of our machines that we used on election night or voting machines,” says McCarty. “Making sure that the ballots that went in the machine have added up to what the machines have said were in there.”

McCarty says in Daviess County, the Clerks Office will have three teams of two recording the totals for each candidate.

“We’re pretty sure the machines counted accurately,” says McCarty. “I don’t think there will be any change.”

Each Kentucky county will then send their results to the Secretary of States Office.

“The purpose is to double check to make sure their are no, the popular phrase has been irregularities, that everything went as it is supposed to have,” says McCarty.

The Secretary of States Office said in a statement, “As the Commonwealth heads into tomorrows recanvass, no member of the task force has raised any possible concern to the Secretary.”

“I think most clerks are going to be confident going into tomorrow and not expecting much change,” says McCarty. “So I’m as curious as the next clerk to see how it will turnout.”

Officials say recanvassing only takes an hour or two.

After results are sent to the Secretary of State, Bevin would have the option of calling for a recount which he would have to pay for.



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