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A Country Music Salute to Veterans, Melt-Your-Face-Metal Finds a New Home and More…

I told you that it was such a busy weekend in the Tri-State that we gave you twice the events to choose from!

I caught so many of you having The Best Day Ever…whether it was a country music salute to Veterans, a melt-your-face Metal show, or showing off the city to some visiting Grammy nominated artists — this was an epic weekend.

Oh, come on Evansville, Indiana…let’s go!

The inaugural Salute Music Fest drew country music lovers…

Excited to see Jason Michael Carroll — that’s the main one we’re here for– and Randy Houser.

…and supporters of our Armed Forces and Veterans…

I’m from Dubois, Indiana, we had 2 Marines die in our little town of 400 people…so we came out to the concert.
We figured it would be a good way to support the Marines, all the Veterans of War.

…from several counties across the area to the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairgrounds.

The festival promised more than great country, with names like Clayton Anderson and Randy Houser — they also had games, food trucks and cold beer on hand to keep festival-goers partying all day.

This music festival was a way to “salute” the area’s Veterans for their efforts in keeping America free, and Americans safe — donating proceeds to not one, but 10 different military affiliated organizations.

We wanted to be able to help these organizations, that way they don’t have to go out there and search for money.
Our job here is to benefit the community — not only that, we bring a great act here to the Tri-State, something for you to do on a weekend, and commemorate the Veterans in the Tri-State.

Next stop?

Wadesville —

For the first ever “Metal Fest”.

When PG on Franklin closed, a lot of alternative bands lost their home — especially the melt-your-face metal bands.

Enter long-time music supporter Danny Russell of “Full Throttle Sound Management”, and his brand new “Russell Event Center”.

I’ve watched music go through and lose homes…especially Metal…lose homes through Evansville over and over and over again, and I always swore if I ever had the chance, that I would give them a home to stay — for original music and Metal — and now I am open and running, and this is a guarantee that they will have a place here.

Grammy nominated artists Nappy Roots were in town for “Family Day in the Park” and wanted to see the city — so we headed to Mo’s House, then Bokeh Lounge where Fish Scales hopped on stage to finish out a local hip hop show.

What a weekend!

**A Special THANK YOU to Jamarcus Rivers for providing his Snaps from onstage with Fish Scales**

This weekend promises to be even more fun with an ad-libbing who-dunnit complete with a celebrity cast, the inaugural Victory International Film Festival and even the Bluff City Pow-Wow!

Hit me up and let me know what you did this past weekend, and what your plans are for having The Best Day Ever this one.

Like what I do? See more on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville Channel.

And find that epic city calendar at The Best Day Ever Evansville.



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