Costco Ready to Go

They’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Whosits and whatsits galore. Need a thingamabob? They’ve got 20, 30, 40, and more at the opening day of Costco.

Lines stretched into the parking lot as guests prepared for early morning entry.

“This is the first Costco I’ve been in,” said Barbara O’Daniel, who travelled from Carmi, Illinois. “I’m interested in the food section. Been on a diet, and I want to look at the salmon.”

And with a celebratory slice–they were off, many getting their membership here in just a few short minutes.

“We’ve got stuff for moms, dads, we’ve got stuff for single people. It’s not just about the bulk process. You don’t have to just buy a bunch of pickles. We make it family friendly,” said Costco manager Lisa Pittman.

Guests were ready to buy in bulk, no matter their needs. But for the community, it represents more than a store.

“We worked on it several years. Worked with their people. It was quite a long process,” said manager of the Promenade Steve Martin.

An opportunity for the Tri-State: commercially, and for the economy.

And for those living and working here, no matter where their future takes them. Like Zack Vogrin, who’s headed to Purdue for engineering in the fall.

“They say as long as I work 200 hours a year then I can keep my job here in summers. My hire date will never change. So I’ll come back every summer and I’ll always have that seniority,” he stated.

If you’re looking to check out, Costco will be open weekdays until 8:30, weekends until 6.



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