Construction Affects Evansville Traffic

Both lanes on South Burkhardt Road between East Walnut Street and Oak Street are shut down and will be for a couple of weeks.

Evansville Water & Sewer Utility crews are doing replacement and upgrade work in that area. Evansville Water & Sewer Utility Director, Allen Mounts, says sewer issues were brought to their attention several years ago. “It’s an interesting project, the reason we are doing this project here is because we have sewer capacity issues in what we call the Lincoln Avenue corridor,” says Mounts. “We have had periodic issues particularly when it rains in key spots where the pipes can’t handle it, and it comes out of a manhole.”

Since Burkhardt is a major road in Evansville, it’s closure is leaving some drivers irritated and confused. “Oh I had to turn around, try to find my own shortcut which that was fruitless, couldn’t run the gauntlet anywhere, they had it shut down so, it’s very aggravating especially Evansville,” says an Evansville native.

The southbound lane at Williamsburg Drive and the northbound lane at outer Lincoln are also closed to traffic to replace a utility hole. Despite the frustration of these road closures, officials say this is a small price to pay to ensure sewage doesn’t get backed up. “In the total scope of things, this will address things for multiple years to come. Shutting down Burkhardt Road for a week or two is relatively minor, it is an inconvenience,” says Mounts.

Officials ask everyone to drive safely and stay patient during this time.

“Be aware it’s closed and number two, find an alternative route, and number three be safe,” says Mounts.



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