Community Praying for Hospital Staff

Hopkins County, Kentucky, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far they have lost 4 of their very own due to this disease.

People are trying to keep their spirits high during this time spent in isolation.

Around noon, you can catch Linda Qualls and her daughter driving around Baptist Health, praying for the endurance of the hospital staff.

“And most of all praying for all of those that are in that hospital right there right now sacrificing their well being and their life to save others,” says Linda Qualls. Her daughter came to her with this idea weeks ago.

“She said, ‘I know how tired they must all be she said I want to do something for them and I can’t go in there and help them and relieve them, but she said I can pray for them because we firmly believe in the power of prayer,” says Linda Qualls. When she found out about her daughter’s idea, she wanted in. “And we circled the entire hospital and it was so spiritual. I felt it as we were doing it.”

She’s looking at the silver lining, hoping people are now praying more than they have in a while just to get through this hardship.

“It takes something like this to bring people to their knees and to look up to God for guidance,” explains Qualls. When she posted this video of her and her daughter driving and praying, it tugged at thousands of people’s heartstrings. “That was our goal that God gets all the glory.”



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