Community Comes Together to Fight Gun Violence

An Owensboro man is taking action in the fight against gun violence. He’s calling on others to help address the recent spike in violent crime across the area.

Just this month, three people younger than 30 have been shot and killed in Daviess County and one Owensboro resident says he’s seen enough of the violence in his community.

“Being a part of the community to try to help prevent it from happening again, you know it’s like, ‘I think I can do that. Be a part of something bigger than myself,’” said meeting organizer Timothy Collier.

Collier has lived in Owensboro the past 30 years working at his auto shop and Alcoa but with the recent increase of violent crime in Owensboro and Daviess County, he decided to get to work in another way.

“At that point I started thinking what if that was my son or my daughter, you know? What would I do?” said Collier.

Just this week, Collier has organized two community meetings for Owensboro leaders and residents to discuss solutions to gun violence.

“If we can get everybody together to show that we really do care about the city and about these streets and about these communities where all these things are taking place, hopefully something can be done to veer that now,” Collier said.

Collier didn’t know any of the victims of the recent shootings personally, but says gathering everyone in the community could be a preventive measure to stop the violence.

“I’ve made several calls to different organizations in the community and in the citywide just asking for what type of resources they offer and if they care to come and explain those resources,” said Collier.

Local authorities are addressing the issue as well. Earlier this week, the Owensboro Police Department reinstated their Flex Team, a group of officers focused on high crime areas.

But for Collier, he says by taking matters into his own hands and helping his community, another young life may not be taken so soon.

“A lot of people have been affected by the violence,” said Collier. “Just down the street we had murders and it affected the community and if people’s voices want to be heard, they need to get out and speak.

“I would like to see it in a positive way and I believe we can do that.”

That meeting will be held Thursday at Dugan Best park. It will be a chance for the community to discuss solutions to crime and violence.



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