Community Braces for First Snowfall

Law enforcement wants to remind people to slow down and drive carefully with snow expected in the Tri-State in less than 24 hours.

“Leave your destination earlier, take your time and keep your braking distance,” Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham said.

Tri-State authorities gearing up for the first round of winter weather expected Monday.

“Because it’s not just you this is affecting, its affecting innocent people, other people on the roadway who may have made that decision to leave 15 to 20 minutes earlier,” Latham said.

Other Tri-State residents say they are already getting prepared.

“Making sure I am stocking up mainly on things I know will last me a long time,” said resident Jasmine Myers.

Myers says she wants people to be on the lookout for drivers not following the rules of the roadway.

“You know winter comes every single year – it doesn’t come by surprise, it happens ,” Myers said. “I think it’s important especially while driving to make sure you’re not driving for yourself,  you’re driving for everyone else on the road.”

Monday’s snowfall could have an impact not just on the roads — but the time it can take for emergency responders to find you.

“So keep in mind as well that we are going to be responding to the calls as they come in, hopefully we will not have any calls, but it may take some time for us to get to you, but we will get there, but again try to be patient and work along with us,” Latham said.

Sheriff Latham says if you are involved in an accident – make sure to try and get off the road.

“And if something happens where you breakdown on the roadway, try and get off the highway as far as you can so you cause less of a traffic hazard,” Latham said.

The 44Weather team estimated about an inch of snow is expected across our region.

Stay with 44News on air and online for complete coverage of Monday’s snowfall.



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