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Cold Case: Murder of State Legislator and Former Prosecutor Remains Unsolved

Arthur Denton was usually the man prosecuting criminals but on August 18th, 1991, Denton and his wife were met with crime knocking on their door.

The couple lived in a home in rural Posey County not known for crime; a home that seemed like a quiet, safe place for retirement.  Although what happened inside the Denton’s home on that August day and who killed the 78-year-old still remains a mystery.

The Posey County Sheriff ‘s Office, Mt. Vernon police and Indiana State Police have all worked together to try and solve the case.

According to court documents, authorities found Denton bludgeoned to death inside his home. His wife, Wilma Denton however, was unharmed.  She was in the basement bound to a chair.  Upon freeing herself, she was able to call 911. The violent crime shocked those who lived in the rural area

Would someone want to kill the former prosecutor because of his job?  It was a possible motive that was investigated but at the time of Denton’s death he hadn’t prosecuted a case in some 40 years.  The notion that someone would wait that long for revenge didn’t seem plausible to detectives on the case.

Money was also looked at as a motive in the slaying.

Denton died on Aug. 18, 1991.  Just over a year before in Aug. 1990 Denton married Wilma who had three previous husbands.  In Jan. 1991, Denton updated his will making Wilma Denton the sole heir to his estate an estimated $400,000 at the time.

Just a few weeks after her husband’s death Wilma hired an attorney and investigators had little contact with her after that.  Now more than two decades later the death of the retired state legislator and former deputy prosecuting attorney remains unsolved.

If you have any information that could help detectives solve Denton’s murder, you’re asked to contact ISP at (317) 232-8248.



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