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Cold Case: Math Professor Slain in Brutal Stabbing

The case involving the stabbing of a college professor has remained unsolved for over four decades.  Her name was Ann Kline and this January will mark 47 years since Kline was killed. 

Kline was a professor for Lockyear Business College in downtown Evansville.  The college sat directly across the street from Vanderburgh County Courthouse where the school stored books in the basement of the building. 

On January 18, 1973, Kline reportedly walked across the street to the basement, but she never walked out.  That night, Kline was found dead by one of her students.  According to records, the 26-year-old had been stabbed 19 times and had several defensive wounds indicating she fought for her life.  An autopsy showed Kline died from a heart wound.

Evansville Police investigated the case but in the ’70s DNA technology was not what it is today.  Perhaps one of the reasons this case remains cold and surrounded in mystery. 

Kline’s husband told reporters his wife did not have any enemies, but she was wary of at least a couple of her students. The student who found Kline spoke with the police as part of the investigation but was cleared. 

So, who killed Ann Kline?  It’s a question police are still working to answer some four decades after the professor’s death. 

Anyone with information on Kline’s murder should contact Evansville Police at (812) 436-7896 or We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME. 



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