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Cold Case: Who Gunned Down Charles Baltzell?

A gruesome murder in Evansville leaves police searching for answers more than two years after it happened. In 2017, violent crime was on the rise, Evansville had nearly 20 murders by the time the year was over. Among them, 24 year old Charles Baltzell who was gunned down on September 17th, 2017. Baltzell was murdered while driving along Covert Avenue just blocks away from his childhood home but his case remains unsolved.

Two years later Baltzell’s family just wants answers as to why their loved one was gunned down in cold blood. As detectives with Evansville Police try to track down Baltzell’s killer, his family is pleading with anyone who knows anything to come foward, “I don’t understand the way this happened in a residential area, nobody knows anything?” said Baltzell’s mother Kelly McGloghen. Her son’s car was riddled with bullets in the 900 block of Covert Avenue and he ultimately died from being shot multiple times.

In 2017, Evansville Police responded to hundreds of shots fired calls, 19 that ended up deadly. Baltzell was the youngest of 3 children and his mother’s only son, “He was the only boy.”

Baltzell’s family says in school he was a quiet kid and being so his friends gave him the nickname silence, “He was just a real humble, quiet, he was just starting to open up but he was a real quiet person. He would do things for you if you’d ask him. Didn’t matter if he was tired he’d still do it for ya.”

Kelly remembers her son as humble and always ready to help. It’s one of the reasons she and her family struggle to understand what happened in the dark of that early morning in September 2017, “He never really had problems with anybody. Anything that came up was because somebody else or something but he wasn’t the one who initially had problems with anybody and this is just crazy.”

McGloghen remembers waking up that morning to a detective at her door who had shocking news, “I’m going, “‘Shot?”‘ You know it was just shocking. I looked around, I guess I kind of flipped out because I left him on the couch asleep.”

Kelly had been up late and saw her son asleep as early as 1:00 AM, but just hours later, what was supposed to be a fun time with a friend turned deadly. Baltzell had been out with a buddy at Scores and minutes after leaving the bar someone opened fire on him, “He was just driving down the street and then there’s bullets flying.”

The deadly shooting happened around 3:00 in the morning. Baltzell was driving in the area of Covert and Grand when more than 20 shots were fired. Several of those bullets hit Baltzell, one in the back of his head.

His family has heard story after story as to what happened but nothing supported by enough evidence to make an arrest. Two gas stations in the area had surveillance video but nothing was caught on camera tying anyone to the deadly shooting.

For two years Baltzell’s family has been living a nightmare of not knowing why this happened or who’s responsible. It’s a hole deep in his mother’s heart who just wants justice for her son, “We just feel like we’ve lost so much. There’s anger and heartbreak and when you still see…when you still see grown men crying two years later you know he affected a lot of people in a good way,” said McGloghen.

Anyone with information in the murder of Charles Baltzell should contact Evansville Police. To leave an anonymous tip you can always call the we-tip hotline. That number is 1-800-78-CRIME.



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