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Cold Case: Disappearance of Patrick King Remains Unsolved

For more than two decades authorities in southern Indiana have been trying to piece together the disappearance of a Pike County man.

This November will mark 25 years since Pat King vanished without a word.  The 32-year-old was reported missing from Pike County just two days before Thanksgiving in 1995.

While the case has gone cold the investigation into what happened to King has never been closed.

Did King go missing or was his disappearance something more sinister?  It’s a question authorities have been trying to answer for more than two decades.

Adults are allowed to go missing there’s nothing illegal about it.  But in King’s case, the discovery of his pickup truck and where it was found would point to foul play

The day after King became a missing person his green 1991 Ford Ranger was found in a marshy area near the Pike-Gibson County Line.

It’s known as Snakey Point located in the Patoka Wildlife Refuge.  It’s a place where people can find some reprieve but also where investigators found their first clues in this case.

DNA evidence was found inside King’s pickup.  Police collected blood, hair, and fingerprints.  Back in 1995, DNA testing was not what it is today and unfortunately, the amount of blood found was not enough to be tested.

But how King’s truck ended up at Snakey Point is still unknown.  Over the years, a host of people have been investigated in connection to King’s disappearance. In 2009, just 14 years after King went missing, authorities obtained a search warrant for a home off South Meridian Road. 

It’s where Kerry Thomas lives to this day.  A witness reported that Thomas was involved in King’s disappearance.  The unidentified witness said King’s body was buried underneath the garage at the home and Thomas was ready to move it.

Articles from the Evansville Courier and Press detail the search of Thomas‘ property.  At the time of the search, Thomas was in Pike County Jail after threatening to blow up the county courthouse.

Authorities were looking for human remains, hair, clothing a belt buckle and other evidence related to King.  More than 160 gallons of bone fragments were recovered in the excavation of the garage.  Two k-9’s trained to detect human remains were also brought in.  The first dog indicated human remains were present but the second dog only made investigatory swipes where the garage was dug up.

The bones were sent off to a forensic pathologist but were never determined to be human remains.

Anyone with information that could help investigators solve the disappearance of Pat King is asked to call Indiana State Police.



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