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Cold Case: A Deadly Discovery at a Landfill

A deadly Tri-State shooting from the 1980s remains unsolved after a man’s body was found with bullet holes at the Vanderburgh County landfill.

That man’s name was Joseph Carl Vincent.

A worker at the Vanderburgh County landfill found Vincent’s lifeless body back in 1982 which had multiple wounds from an apparent shooting, but the deadly crime has gone unsolved for decades.

Vincent was 49-years-old when he died, and no arrests were ever made in connection to this deadly attack.

Little evidence was left behind, but it was what investigators didn’t find at the scene that led them to believe that Vincent may have been robbed.

“His vehicle was found a short distance, uh – near Highland School. It had been moved apparently after he had been shot, by probably whoever shot him or was involved,” Lieutenant Douglas Daza of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office said.

Vincent’s truck was located about 3 miles from where his body was found, parked near what is now Highland Pizza at the corner of Kratzville Road and First Avenue in Evansville.

But, how it got there and who drove it, begs more questions than answers.

“They did have a number of leads. I think a lot of them based on tips and interviews of his acquaintances, friends, relatives – people that knew him,” Lt. Daza said.

In July 1997,  the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office got a major break in the case – 15 years after the deadly shooting.

Multiple pieces of evidence were recovered in another county.

The newly found clues prompted a hard review of what happened in the deadly shooting.

“The case was re-investigated, basically as if it had just occurred. They conducted their investigation as well as the evidence being examined and, and you know as of yet it hasn’t led to an arrest,” Lt. Daza said.

This July will mark 38 years since the murder of Joseph Carl Vincent.

If you have any information that could help investigators solve this crime, contact the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.



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