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Cold Case: Answers Wanted in Amon Johnson Shooting Death

What happened to 21 year old Amon Johnson? That’s a question Johnson’s loved ones and Evansville Police still want answers to.

Johnson was found in an alleyway in the 600 block of East Missouri Street in the early morning of November 6th, 2018, it was election day. As voters weighed in at the ballot box a man living at 631 E. Missouri was starting his morning routine, a walk with his dog. That walk was cut short after Neal Rexing made a deadly discovery in his back alley, “As I turned the corner around here walking down toward my end of the alley I thought somebody threw a big pile of clothes there.”

What Rexing saw was not clothing, what he saw was the body of a young father gunned down in an alley. Amon Johnson’s body was found next to trashcans like a life that didn’t matter. But Johnson did matter to a lot of people. Just miles from where he was found dead, the family who welcomed him as one of their own were starting to get calls, “Asking if I have seen Amon,” said Mariama Wilson.

Mariama Wilson might sound familiar, she formed MASK Evansville in 2015, Mothers Against Senseless Killings. She also helped raise Johnson for the better part of a decade and calls him a son, “He had a slew of family, a slew of people who loved him, he loved his son like no other.”

After four years of working to prevent senseless killings in this community the fight became very personal for Wilson and her family, “For me and my twins I know our life had changed at that point.” Wilson’s twin sons grew up with Johnson. They say his death has felt like losing a brother.

More than six months have passed since Johnson was murdered and the investigation faced several challenges from the beginning. On the eve of the election several witnesses heard something that likely was crucial to the case but didn’t report until hours later, “Around 7:00 I heard something sound like gunshots, I didn’t know if it was fireworks, but my neighbor heard it called me up asked me, “‘what’s going on?,”‘ The police were kind of mad at me because I didn’t call them that night,” said Rexing.

Police have questioned several people but still no one has been held responsible. The streets may be silent for now but names have been given,, just not enough information to make an arrest, something Wilson and her family want desperately, “It’s hard to grasp the fact that like I said he’s never coming back — but that person is still out there and I just want them to work as hard on his case as if it’s their loved one.”

Police are hoping conscience catches up to the person or people responsible. Anyone with information should contact Evansville Police, to leave an anonymous tip you can call the we-tip hotline.



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