City Councilwoman Proposed Amendments to Electric Scooter Ordinance

Evansville City Councilwoman Michelle Messer proposed several amendments to the electric scooter ordinance.

The proposed amendments are:

  • Restricting the use of E-Scooters from the Greenway.
  • Requiring E-Scooter rental companies to geo-fence off their E-Scooter rentals from use on the Greenway.
  • Change requirement of age 16 or older with a valid ID to age 16 or older with a valid Driver’s license (not suspended).
  • The operation of a cell phone is not permitted while driving an E-Scooter.
  • The use of a helmet while driving an E-Scooter is encouraged but not mandated.
  • Change delegating authority from the Board of Public Safety to make changes to the ordinance once passed, to retaining authority by the City Council to make changes to the ordinance. City Council will consider recommendations for changes as needed from the Board of Public Safety.
  • At least one ear must be free of earbuds while operating an E-Scooter.

Each of the amendments proposed along with the originally proposed ordinance will be voted on at the Monday, December 16 City Council Meeting.

For more information about the electric scooter ordinance, click here.

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