City Council Approves $2.76 Million For LST Relocation

The Evansville City Council approves funding for the relocation of the LST 325. It passed 8 to 1. The $2.76 million will help move the warship from Marina Pointe to the old Tropicana location.

Below is how the council voted on the LST relocation funding:

  • Mercer: Yes
  • Elpers: Yes
  • Mosby: No
  • Weaver: Yes
  • Brinkmeyer: Yes
  • Adams: Yes
  • Robinson: Yes
  • McGinn: Yes
  • Hayden: Yes

Original story:
Evansville was best known during World War II for its production of landing ship tanks or LST’s. One of the last running LST’s has been docked at Marina Pointe harbor since 2005 but that might all be changing soon.

There have been talks for at least six years about moving the LST 325 to a more visible position but talks really heated up when the Tropicana Riverboat sailed away for good.

Fundraising at that point to move the LST 325 across from Tropicana was has kicked into gear during this past year, Tropicana has even donated $1 million to the cause.

It would take millions of dollars to move the ship, create a new dock and a bigger visitor’s center across from the Tropicana.

The last phase of fundraising could end Monday night if the City Council approves a motion to move nearly $3 million from the riverboat fund to the LST Memorial Group. Moving the ship to a more prominent spot could have lasting effects.

When asked, John Tallent said he is confident in the City Council to do what’s in the best interest of the city but of course he is for the moving of the ship.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and his deputy Mayor Steve Schaffer have been tweeting all day in support of moving this big boat.



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