Church Youth Group Cash Stolen in Burglary

Churchgoers in one Indiana town are in disbelief, after a brazen theft overnight leaves their spiritual home damaged, and robbed of cash.

Neighbors nearby say they’re shocked that such a crime could happen, and that the Chandler house of worship became a target.

“Just breaking a sense of security.”

Randall Nelson couldn’t believe it when police knocked on his door across the street, asking if he’d seen or heard anything in the overnight hours.

“I was quite surprised. I thought this was very a low-crime area,” Nelson explained. “In fact, I’ve left my door unlocked previously–or my vehicle unlocked, but not so certain now.”

Chandler police combed Cumberland Presbyterian Church for clues Wednesday, working with Indiana State Police to find out who stole money from inside.

“They pried open a few doors inside the building in the office area. Did some damage to the exterior windows. Some of the members here at church–overly concerned, or more than more concerned than maybe others, but, you think your church is a place of safety and worship, and in this case someone chose to violate that,” said Marvin Heilman, Assistant Chief of the Chandler Police Department.

Cash from the church raised by the teens–hundreds of dollars–disappearing into the night.

“Some of it was raised by the youth group here last weekend on a fundraiser they had. So, something that they’ll deal with as well. Just an unfortunate experience for the youth group and the church members here,” Asst. Chief Heilman added.

Police are still working, trying to find out who broke in, and why.

They’re advising other congregants and pastors to keep a closer eye.

“Just the awareness of if you see somebody around any business late at night or at night time, or a church, to call the local law enforcement and let us know to check that out,” Heilman stated.

Chandler Police are encouraging anyone with information on the theft to reach out.



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