Children Enjoying Summer Heat; Safety Concerns

As many adults were trying to avoid the heat, children were outside enjoying their summer.

For 5-year-old Brantley, the heat hasn’t stopped him from enjoying a day at the playground.

“So at our house, my hair was dripping and wet.”

Temperatures across the Tri-State reached nearly 90 degrees Wednesday, but with the humidity it felt even hotter.

For children, the extreme heat can be dangerous.

“This is when you worry about kids cause they have little bodies so they can be affected on this very, very quickly,” says Sr. Dhruvin Mehta, Deaconess Family Medicine.

Mehta says there are ways to make sure kids stay safe when outside in the high temperatures.

“If they are playing outside make sure you give them plenty of breaks, so this is from time to time whether it’s every fifteen minutes or every twenty minutes give them a break,” says Mehta. “Make sure they get hydrated with water, juice, or Gatorade or any other sports drink.”

He says signs for guardians to look for: heat cramps, fever, nausea, and excessive thirst.

“All of these could be signs warning signs and this is the time you would want to seek medical care,” says Mehta.

For area daycares, they are also taking precautions to make sure the kids don’t get overheated.

“Right now we’re trying to get the majority of our outside time in the morning when it’s cooler and then depending on the temperature in the afternoon or late evening determines whether or not they will go outside,” says Deiona Clayton, Carver Daycare Director.

Clayton says the staff will also check how hot the ground and equipment are before sending the kids outside along with consistently giving them water.

As for the children, they have a game plan of their own to beat the heat.

“Eating Popsicles and going to the swimming pool.”

The heat wave is expected to last through the weekend.

Doctor say babies and toddlers should avoid going outside in the heat if possible.



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