Changes Coming to Indiana ID Cards

Indiana’s identification cards are getting a new look and some people got to experience it early. At the BMV in Beech Grove Tuesday, people got to see the changes to the IDs first hand.

The changes include black and white laser engraved pictures, a see-through secondary photo and birth date with raised numbers, making it quicker and easier to find.

More design changes include new colors and the addition of an Indy car image.

“Really it’s keeping up with technology and making sure we are embracing security features that are now available in cards,” said Indiana BMV commissioner Peter Lacy.

“So we want to make sure we are protecting Hoosiers’ identities by making sure we have the most secure card in the nation.”

The updated design will be available online and at all BMV locations starting in the middle of July. You won’t have to get a new license if yours is still current. You’ll just have to wait for it to expire.



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