CDC: Vaping Related Illnesses Skyrockets to Over 500

The outbreak of vaping-related lung illnesses has increased to over 500 people, according to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention.

CDC says the number of people who have fallen sick has risen from 380 to 530 people. So far, only seven people have been killed as a result of the illness.

A study by the CDC found more than half the people who’ve fallen ill are younger than 25 with 16 percent of patients younger than 18; three-quarters of patients are also male, according to the study.

While a cause has yet to be determined, most patients reported vaping THC, the compound that produces a high in marijuana. Results also found people vape nicotine, the addictive chemical used in e-cigarettes.

Health officials urge people to give up e-cigarettes and other vaping products while the CDC continues to investigate.



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