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Catch Some Gorgeous Greenery and Pretty Petals!

Summer has arrived and we’re looking for adventure, and a way to enjoy the warmth while it’s here…

So today we’re headed out on a road trip to catch some gorgeous greenery and pretty petals!

Have you heard of the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens?

Yeah, you heard me, we have a botanical garden in the Tri-State.

Just west of Owensboro’s downtown riverfront, at the end of a shady lane, you’ll find the home of some of the world’s most dazzling beauties.

Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens boasts over a dozen themed plots like the magical “Children’s Garden”, complete with whimsical touches…and a playhouse…

The fabulously fragrant Rose Garden, an English Cottage Garden…and ponds around every corner, including one bursting with koi!

As if these spectacular displays of nature’s beauty weren’t enough?

They’re famous for their daylilies.

There are over 800 varieties of daylilies in this display bed alone, which is nationally recognized by the American Daylily Society.


You might think that when “Old Man Winter” arrives and this gorgeous greenery goes to sleep, so do the botanical gardens…

Not so.

The birds are singing all the time, even in the winter time; so if you’re here in the winter, there are things for you to enjoy in the winter.
We have a Conservatory that will have a lot of color even in the winter time.

Plus, you can wander the paths and discover unique architectural features like a country doctor’s office built in 1890, or an old ticket booth for the Ellendale Fair, or even the Solar Smart Flower…one of only 2 in Kentucky!

Stop and smell the roses, or any of the other beauties here, just check for bees first.

There is so much to see at Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens, I could have spent the whole day there and not experience it all!

And because there are so many flowers, think about it, the look of the gardens changes every few weeks!

It cost me five bucks to get in, you can get a yearly family membership for just $50.

And their Dazzling Daylily Festival is coming up June 20th through the 29th!

Make sure you tell them you saw their gorgeous greenery and pretty petals right here on 44News.

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