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Cashdro Releases New Song & Video

The Tri-State’s music scene is very much alive, and thriving!

And one of its’ members is going solo and dropping new tracks.

Part of the Evansville Hip Hop scene for years as a member of Angry Nerdz, Thomas Blane, AKA “Cashdro” has something to prove, and he’s using a new song, “Control”, to help him do that.

With lyrics like “You gotta know the difference between the money and the power, so every single while I’m thinking thank God I’m not a coward”, and “Learn to love yourself first ’cause it can build your confidence”, Cashdro says he wanted to show the area what he could do when he spread his wings and flew alone.

I was just ready to branch out and do my own thing, and more than anything I needed to show people that there’s 2 sides to everything that I’m doing.
Like there’s a side of me with my Nerdz group, and there’s a side that’s just me, “Cashdro”.
It’s more than anything just proving to everyone that I can stand on my own.

And it’s more than just him proving something to himself with this funky new sound, and solo effort…Cashdro says he hopes to inspire others to join what he calls a “motivational movement”.

The song is more for people to feel uplifted, more of an energy to tell yourself that it’s okay to be yourself, more than anything.
It’s like you’re trying to build yourself, build an empire out of yourself…it’s okay to do what you want to do.
The crazy part of this motivational song…I just want to make people feel like they’ve got to do something right now…you just gotta be yourself, just keep moving.
I want them to just try and do something on their own.
I’m hoping that even more people say, ‘Oh, if he can do it, I can do it,’ you know. That’s my main thing, like, go out there and do it!
You can show me what you’re doing too. It’s not that hard to pick up a camera and spend a little money on yourself, and see what you can put out there.
The creative mind is always gonna be right there, so if you’ve got it, go do it.

Cashdro says that this “motivation movement” to inspire and uplift was inspired by the Hip Hop genre he loves so much, because that’s where the music got started…by inspiring and uplifting the oppressed to rise and get funky.

See the full video here: here!

Find his music here.

Check out his YouTube Channel!

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