Capturing the Tragedies and Triumphs of Motherhood

A Kentucky photographer is turning her own sense of loss into a way to give back to other mothers who have dealt with difficult pregnancies.

Rainbow babies are those born after losing a child to miscarriage or after birth. But the tragedy and triumph of the family is being captured in touching moments.

Three Kentucky mothers are united in heartbreak and hope.

“She’s our rainbow. And our joy. This just goes to show there is hope after the storm,” said mother Sierra Roberts.

Their stories, and their rainbow children–

“When you’re in the thick of it, you don’t always see that rainbow at the end of the storm. But now we’re just so thankful for the journey we were put on,” said mother Jackie Smith

–illuminated through the lens of local photographer Talea Gaw.

“The idea was just to capture the love and the bond that they have, and how much happiness comes from their rainbow after the storm that they’ve gone through to get them,” Gaw explained.

Turning tragedy–

“Friends and family that were rallying for us–sorry–with that being said, with having that support behind us, just know never give up and there is hope,” Sierra explained.

–into joy–

“She made me feel just powerful and beautiful, and my husband did a great job,” Jackie laughed.

–into moments captured in time.

“To be able to take a moment and turn into something tangible and in their hands and on their walls, and on their coffee tables that their little ones can look at over the years as they grow is unreal,” Talea said.

For Talea, the photoshoots are a way to help other mother. And for the mothers she’s photographed, it’s a way for them to process and heal.

“Sometimes we tend to want to keep to ourselves and stay silent about this. I know I did. I struggled for months,” Sierra recalled.

And now—Talea wants to share the experience with other mothers.

She’s gifting a rainbow baby photo shoot to a mother in need, especially following the financial struggles that come with the loss of a child.

The photos meant to preserve and praise another’s joy of motherhood after a difficult journey, and inspire hope and healing for others.

“Just to never give up. This is proof right here. This is our rainbow,” Sierra said.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Rainbow Gift, or you’d to nominate someone for it, here’s how:

You can also find more information clicking here, here, and here.



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