Cancer Tumors From Tyler Trent Lead to Groundbreaking Developments

Although Tyler Trent is no longer with us his legacy is still living on.

Using cells from Trent’s tumors, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have made a groundbreaking discovery, finding a combination therapy that significantly slows tumor growth.

Trent was a Purdue University student who inspired the nation with his fight against cancer. He died on January 1, 2019, after a long fight against an aggressive form of bone cancer.

Trent was known for his strong faith and his correct prediction that his Boilermakers would upset No. 2 Ohio State. The Purdue football team beat the Buckeyes 49-20 in Oct. 2018.

By looking at Trent’s cancer cells, researchers were able to find a variation that is found in recurring tumors.

Using a combination of two drugs, the growth of the tumors was blocked “substantially.” The team also found that the combination therapy would be tolerable for a patient.

The researchers’ next steps include a better understanding of how the tumors adapt to the treatments and optimizing the combination therapy.



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