Cancer Survivor’s Dream Comes True

A tri-state teenager is making waves in the motorsports world, something he’s loved since he was a young boy. He’s had to overcome many obstacles to make his dreams come true.

19-year-old Preston Lewis was diagnosed with leukemia nearly three years ago, and he’s been overcoming the odds ever since.

“I was always involved in racing. I can’t remember a day where I wasn’t involved in racing and with my diagnosis, they were like you have to quit doing motor-cross, you have to quit doing a lot of this stuff because your body can’t handle it. So that’s when I decided I need to find a new adrenaline rush,” says Preston Lewis.

Then Lewis reached out to Make-A-Wish, Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. He pitched an idea that hit him while being isolated from the outside world during treatment, a project that will cost lots of money and time.

He wants to get a group of kids together to build a truck to race 1,000 miles across the desert. Lewis says all kids with an interest in motorsports are welcome.

“But I would love to have kids that are facing hardships that we can give them an outlet to experience more and see what life is all about,” says Lewis.

Although, this journey has been a tough one for Lewis and his family.

“Then mom got diagnosed with brain cancer of October of 2018, while I was still on treatment. We dealt with that for a year. She actually just passed away the end of this October,” says Lewis. He, his mom, and the rest of his family put up a fight

“We did everything we could do, trying to do everything,” says Shannon Lewis, Preston Lewis’s dad through tears. “Follow all the rules and try to do the very best for Rachel.”

Shannon Lewis took both of them to different hospitals for treatment, all while running a car dealership in Evansville.

However, two months before Lewis’s mom passed away, Make-A-Wish made his dream a reality. On December 5th it became official, Preston Lewis is now the founder of Off-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation. This is something his mom encouraged him to keep pursuing.

“She really pushed me to keep going and not give up on anything so that’s what I’m doing,” says Lewis.

He is hoping to get his desert racing team together and build a truck to race by 2023.

Before the race, he wants to take the truck they make to hospitals and schools so kids can sign it and be part of something bigger than themselves.



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