C4 Military Explosives Found in Corydon, Kentucky

Henderson Sheriff’s Deputies say it’s looks as though bricks of C4 explosives have been on the side of Diamond Island Road since last year.

“I was worried because they said it was found right by the road and my kids like to play in the road all the time,” says mother and homeowner Brittany Duckworth.

“We have a tree near the road and so we walk up, and down this road a lot and ride our bikes so I was worried that one of my kids might have near it.”

Homeowners were the first to notice the C4 bricks officers say was found under leafs.

“The owner was doing some dirt work near his driveway, and he saw probably where the County Road Department had been by mowing weeds, and had mowed that spot and they saw a couple bricks of C4,” says Henderson Sheriff Departments Chief Deputy Officer David Crafton.

The C4 bricks were found in its original packaging, and removed by Owensboro’s Hazardous Devices Unit.

Officers say the C4 was taken to a military base in Fort Campbell, KY where it’s lot number can trace its origination.

“This was the type that a military would use. It takes a blasting cap to cause it to explode so if it’s cut, hit with a car, burned or anything like that it’s not going to explode,” says Officer Crafton.

“That does make me feel better, but still that is crazy to think that something like that was just laying on the road where kids could have gotten around it. You just never know what could have happened,” says Duckworth.

The Military will now investigate who was carrying the C4, and how it ended up on the side of Diamond Island Road.

“There was nobody in any real danger other than it didn’t need to fall into the wrong hands. That’s good that we were able to find it, have it retrieved, and disposed of,” says Crafton.

Henderson County Sheriff’s Deputies say explosive shells are found in Union County frequently where a military base use to be so they have experience dealing with those type of discoveries.



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