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Boonville Police Officer Casey Miller Is This Week’s Hometown Hero

Hometown heroes are popping up across our communities in the greatest time of need.

For some, this means taking it upon themselves to help give back to others in anyway they can.

“If you feel the need or calling to help people, do it,” says Officer Casey Miller, Boonville Police Department.

For local law enforcement, many will say they were called to the line of duty, for Officer Casey Miller, this statement runs true.

“I was a dispatcher for 8.5 years. Absolutely loved it, but I needed to finish that call,” says Miller. “I knew there was a need for female officers.”

And working on the other end of those calls is exactly where she is now.

For the last four years, Officer Miller has been serving with the Boonville Police Department.

“To be part of people’s lives, I get to watch these kids grow up,” says Miller. “It’s just amazing.”

As we all try to get through this pandemic, like many of us, Miller is worrying about her loved ones.

“My granny is my rock and she is the glue that holds our family together,” says Miller.

As a way to protect her Granny who is still working, Miller decided to get creative making masks.

“I have a small business on the side,” says Miller. “I was up-cycling jeans for little girl’s, so I had tons of extra fabric.”

After working a 12-hour shift patrolling, Miller goes home and spends several hours sewing.

“I feel like unfortunately with the way this virus spreads, we’re kind of having to take a hands off approach in law enforcement,” says Miller. “Not that we are not out there protecting everyone, but we are not able to get into the community and communicate our community placing.”

A trade-off, serving the Boonville community in more ways than one.

So far, she’s made near 100 masks, keeping them in her squad car, handing them out to anyone who may need one free of costs.

Officer Casey Miller is going above and beyond in the call of duty, making her this week’s hometown hero.

“This was my way of helping when I couldn’t,” says Miller. “I’m not a nurse. I’m not a doctor, but I can try to make people feel better even if its just a masks.”



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