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BMV Patrons Having Trouble With Service Amidst Reopening

Although teens aren’t able to take their road skills test just yet, people are now allowed inside of some BMV branches for the first time since March 24.

They were originally set to open back up on April 7, which was extended again by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb.

But, several of the 131 Indiana BMV branches started opening for in-person traffic starting on Monday, May 4.

Even with BVM’s being open, some people are still having trouble getting serviced, including Toyota worker Johnathan Sutton.

“If I don’t get it reinstated quick enough — I’m not going to be able to go to work,” Sutton said. “And then I’m out of a job. And [I] don’t need that when I’ve got kids.”

Sutton was unaware he needed an appointment.

“Overall, I understand you know with the whole virus situation going on that we have to you know, slowly open everything back up,” Sutton said. “But, getting information out is more important. So that way, people aren’t getting into a situation like I am.”

But even when he did call, he still didn’t get answers.

“I was told after sitting there for about ten minutes that it was going to take about 97 minutes before they got anything taken care of,” Sutton said. “I really don’t have time for that.”

Try not to worry if your driver’s license or registration is expired — because Gov. Holcomb is advising law enforcement to not issue citations during the emergency.

The reopening of some Indiana BMV branches comes as part of Stage 2 of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s “Back on Track Indiana” Plan, which outlines the phased reopening of Indiana businesses and organizations.



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