Bloomington Man Released From Venezuelan Prison Five Years Later

Friday, U.S. Senator Todd Young released a statement following the release of Indiana’s Todd Leininger after being imprisoned in Venezuela since 2014:

“After five years, I am relieved that Todd has finally been allowed to return to the United States, and I look forward to welcoming him home to Indiana. It is shameful that it took the Venezuelan authorities almost a year to recognize the rule of law and release Todd as ordered by a Venezuelan court. My prayers are with Todd and his mother Barbara as they are reunited. My office will continue to provide any assistance needed as they work to move past this difficult period.”

Leininger was imprisoned in Venezuela back in 2014 during a wave of civil unrest in the country. Venezuelan officials accused Leininger of aiding opposition during an anti-government protest.

He was released on Thursday, April 25th, and arrived in Miami, Florida, Friday morning.

Senator Young outlined his concerns in a letter to Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump, and Vice President Pence. While those efforts were underway, Young introduced the Venezuela Emergency Relief, Democracy Assistance, and Development Act, to hold Venezuelan officials accountable for the continued detention of Leininger and many others.



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