Blood Shortage at the American Red Cross of Indiana Southwest Chapter Calls for Donors

The American Red Cross of Evansville wants to have a five day blood supply, but for majority of their blood types they have less than three days of supply.

“We had a shortage also right after Spring break around the April time and so that took a big effort to fulfill that,” says The American Red Cross of Southwest Indiana chapter’s director Theo Boots.

“We typically do have a shortage. This one seems to be a little bit more significant.

A blood shortage for The American Red Cross of Indiana’s Southwest chapter often happens during the Summer months.

“One of our larger donors are students in high school, or college,” says Boots.

People are also traveling for vacation which contributes to less donors.

“The O negative is less than a two day supply which is pretty concerning because O negative is the universal blood type, and that is the blood that most emergency personnel and hospitals will go to first when there is an emergency and there isn’t enough time to determine someone’s blood type,” says Boots.

The Red Cross says donating blood can be simple.

“For those people who donate between July 29th and August 29th Amazon has generously donated a gift card, and so you will receive through the email a $5 dollar Amazon gift card as a thank you for donating blood to us,” says Boots.

People can donate by setting up appointments, or walking in.

“It will take an hour or less, but the time it takes to really extract the blood from you is only really 8 to 10 minutes,” says Boots.

“Your donation more than likely is going to stay local, but if it is needed somewhere else then it is going to go where it is needed.

For people who can’t donate blood there are other ways to help The American Red Cross.

“People often ask what can I do to help? Well perhaps you can organize a blood drive,” says Boots.

Click here to find out where you can donate blood through the American Red Cross in the Tri-State.

You can also call (812) 471-7207 for more information on how to donate, or organize a blood drive through The American Red Cross of Indiana’s Southwest chapter.



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