Big Names Hit The Campaign Trail In Hoosier State

By now, most people have seen the ads and know their names. Republican Mike Braun is taking on Incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly for a chance to be one of just 100 senators in Congress. It’s a huge race for both sides; Democrats hope they can save a seat as they work toward taking a majority in the Senate, and Republicans would love to hold on to their slim margin.

“There’s a pitched battle across America for control of the Senate and Indiana is in the eye of the storm.” University of Evansville Political Science Professor Dr. Robert Dion said, “We could determine the outcome of Senate control.”

With so much riding on this political battle, there’s not too terribly much the candidates can do at this point. Barring an October Surprise, the candidates are done debating and are mostly just waiting for Election Day while talking to as many voters as possible.

Without much left to say or do, the candidates are getting some help from the most visible members of their party. The base was certainly rallied when President Trump came to Evansville to campaign for Braun. Sen. Donnelly is hoping for the same when Barack Obama comes to the Hoosier State Sunday. There have been tons of big names as each party knows just how important this race can be.

“There’s a certain point in every campaign where people get weary of the same candidates and the same ads in heavy rotation and they need something to juice things up a little bit so if you can bring in a high profile surrogate to come in and fire up the troops it can really fire up the base.” Dion said of the big names coming to Indiana.

Most polls show this Senate race to be neck and neck, so many believe it will simply come down to which party can get the most people out to vote. That’s why bringing in these big political names could turn the tide of this race. Should enough volunteers knock on doors and make phone calls, they could conceivably get enough people out to vote.



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