Bicknell Community Demanding Answers on Police Department

More than two weeks have passed, and one Indiana community is wondering what to do next since they don’t have a police chief.

The wheels of justice seem to be turning slowly for Bicknell since its chief was charged, and those living there are demanding assurances that they’ll be safe.

“A lot of people been asking the same question. I’ve been hearing it everywhere. Are we gonna have a police department?” asked one attendee.

At tonight’s Common Council, nearly every audience seat was full with people waiting for answers.

“It is of my opinion the answer will be no. We will have one local cop. And the rest of it in my opinion should go away. We’ve fought it and fought it and fought it. We’re too small a town. Can’t afford it. Can’t keep up,” asserted Rod Mullins of the Common Council.

A department that normally has a complement of six officers stands currently at two, even with Knox County Sheriff’s deputies supplementing the city force on certain days.

But while questions swirl around law enforcement in the wake of Chief Terry Stremming’s leave, more remain on the judicial side of the issue.

“I’ve known Terry Stremming since he was a child.”

Former Bicknell City Attorney Kerry Currier spoke to 44News exclusively about her personal knowledge of the case.

“When I talked to him about 10 days ago, nothing had been filed.”

That circumstance hasn’t changed as of May 13.

“Knox County would be the venue, but I would expect a special prosecutor to be assigned. That’s what we’ve seen,” stated Michael Edwards, current Bicknell City Attorney.

Until a decision is made, Stremming remains on paid administrative leave.

We attempted to reach Stremming at his house and by phone but were unable to do so. We have an open invitation for him and other Knox County officials to speak out about this case.



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