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Beautiful Edibles

The farm to table food trend hit restaurants a few years ago, and I’ve been following this movement closely for you foodies.

This healthy, decadent and delicious craze shows no sign of going out of fashion!

One local farm was on the cusp of that trend from the beginning, growing for popular restaurants like Sauced, Pangea, and Victoria National Golf Club.

We’re taking you on a tour to see how beautiful our edibles can really be when you farm like these produce producers.

They may farm only 2 small acres, but “Beautiful Edibles” is making a big name for themselves among area chefs and restaurants!

We’re a pretty small grower and what we do is have a lot of different variety of things. We have in the background here, a lot of tomatoes, and we intersperse that with a lot of flowers that are all edible, and each one of them has a different flavor profile.

And these flowers?

Are one of the reasons they can stay organic.

We don’t spray any pesticides, or herbicides, on the property. Anything we use is ‘BOmri Certified’ or very natural. That’s why we intersperse all the different plants in here that are going to keep the bugs away.

And with lettuces in every shape, texture, color and size…chefs rave about Beautiful Edibles’ produce!

One of the things that my buddy, Wess Rose said, ‘When I order your lettuce, it’s got a lot of flavor to it! The stuff out of California and out of Arizona, it’s good looking…it comes in, spoils quickly, but it doesn’t have any flavor to it. Your stuff lasts for two weeks! And it all tastes really good.’

The secret to Beautiful Edibles use of their small space?

Bio-intense growing and succession planting.

What we do with our tomatoes is, we grow them vertically.
It’s a modified lower and lean system. It’s more like Banzai than it is bondage.

They raise a constant rotation of different plants year round, including mushrooms…even though, I know that’s technically not a “plant”.

We grow Shiitake mushrooms on logs and about every 3 to 4 times a year we have a big flush! We’re going to be doing another 40 logs this year, and they have a really good oak flavor to them.

The future of feeding people, and inspiring creative chefs, is with home-grown, organic, beautiful, bio-intense grown edibles.

Now, when you dine out at Common Ground Community Kitchen or Rolling Hills, you know where that pretty produce came from!

Find Beautiful Edibles in Elbert’s Natural Food Market, on Facebook and check out their website where you can order just about any vegetable or edible flower you can think of.

Let them know you saw it here on 44News This Morning, and if you do try a taste of a flower, let me know about it…the Nasturtiums taste like radishes…yum!

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