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Barber Delivers to Community During Crisis

Across the country, businesses have been hit hard, leaving many people to feel the crippling impact.

But for some, they’re making the most of their time still trying to find ways to make an income while helping others.

“This morning my first delivery was at 7:30,” says James Trice, barber.

It’s business as usual for James Trice of Madisonville, however it’s not what he typically does for a living.

“I thought ‘hey’ this is a way for me to provide for the family while I can’t cut hair,” says Trice.

He’s been a barber for the last five years, but just last week his shop closed due to COVID-19.

“By no means, I’m not the only one in our industry, and our industry is not the only industry that’s been hit by it,” says Trice. “But it just hit home with me and I thought okay I need to figure something out.”

Trice says the idea began when he noticed local restaurants busy with takeout orders, so with a family to still provide for, Trice decided to deliver to his community.

“Food, groceries, toilet paper, that kind of becomes a hunt sometimes,” says Trice. “I’ve done dog food, just anything that anybody needs, I’m happy to help out.”

His new patrons ranging from the elderly to people with underlying health conditions.

The process is simple:

“Once they let me know where and when I need to pick up, I pull up, give the name, all the stores have been fine with it and they hit me with an address I drop it off,” says Trice.

Usually Trice gets paid a few dollars for his service, but he says it’s not only about getting by.

“We’re in this thing together,” says Trice. “It’s not time to turn on each other or lock yourself in and not offer help.”

And while making his runs, he’s doing all he can to stay healthy.

“Gloves, masks, alcohol, and I do try and do it every single time,” says Trice. “I’m cautious to stay social distancing.”

In the meantime, instead of cutting hair on the daily, he’s finding another way to bring a little joy to people.

“This is the time to really step up and help those that need help,” says Trice.



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