Baptist Health Reduces Pay and Furloughs Employees Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Baptist Health is temporarily reassigning some staff, furloughing others and reducing pay for leaders.

Baptist Health Medical Group, including system C-suite members and hospital presidents, will take a 20 percent pay cut. Other vice presidents and executive leaders will take a 15 percent pay cut.

Rob Ramey, President of Baptist Health Madisonville, released the following statement on the recent changes:

“Specific information is not yet available, but locally, we have been working to reassign staff to other departments, providing additional training and preparing for additional patients over the last few weeks. At this time, our focus is on the direct care to our patients. Our hearts are heavy for those affected, but it is our intention to bring those impacted back, as soon as possible.”

Baptist Health is also implementing temporary unpaid furloughs across its corporate headquarters.

The temporary furloughs affect regular full-time and part-time employees in jobs that do not support caregivers or are not critical to clinical operations related to COVID-19.

Furloughed workers will be eligible for unemployment compensation, plus remain eligible for their medical benefits. Some will have a reduced work schedule while others will not have any job responsibilities during their furlough.

The changes are due to uncommon medical and operation challenges related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.



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