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B-17 Roars Into Evansville!

You may recognize this beast of a lady from her features in “Memphis Belle” and “Hogan’s Heroes”, and maybe even heard your grandfather speak lovingly about their time in the war together…

She’s in town and ready to look back on memories of her time in Normandy and World War II.

We do air shows, barnstorm across the country spreading history of World War II through the B-17.

The barnstorming tour is when they let people know they’re here by flying over and rattling the windows.
So that’s a cool way…people then wonder, ‘Okay, where did that thing go? Where did it land? Where can I go see it?”

Many, many people have never seen a B-17, and they have no idea what part the B-17 played in WWII.

She’s not just a beauty…

She’s a beast who rained down terror on the Allied’s enemies!

It was very instrumental in all the flights out of England into Germany. And then, in addition to that, it went to the Pacific and performed well out there too.

It helped knock out German industry, and that’s what brought the war to an early end. It brought victory to Europe sooner than Japan, and helped end the war.
We knocked out their production ability, their fuel and lubricants and ball bearings, that make every piece of machinery work.
The B-17 helped put those to sleep, and helped bring the war to an end at an earlier time.

The missions they went on were 7 and 8 hours, that’s pretty bad…to be in one of those for 7 or 8 hours. Let’s admit it, it’s not like sitting at home in your chair.

This beauty not only evokes memories of Jr. High exams, she’s a reminder of just how important she is, not just to Veterans, but to the world as it is today.

Between Evansville Museum, the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, the LST and the Evansville Wartime Museum, collectively they’ve come up with a celebration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and at 9am (Thursday) there’s going to be a ceremony on the deck of the LST; and then when the B-17 flies over at the beginning of that ceremony, the Evansville Wartime Museum and Commemorative Air Force are going to have a WWII Veteran on board the plane.
Of his 117 combat missions, he flew 2 of them on D-Day, June 6th, 75 years ago.

You can catch this beast of a bomber, or bombshell, at the Evansville Wartime Museum from now until Thursday when they barnstorm the LST at 9 am.

Admission for onboard tours of the aircraft is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12.

Like what I do? See more on Evansville’s YouTube Channel, The Best Day Ever Evansville Channel.

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