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Authorities Urge Caution as River Rises

“The most important is if there is water crossing a roadway, do not go over or through the water,” said Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham.

A warning from local law enforcement after floods are taking their grip on the tristate.

On Saturday morning, local authorities responded to a water rescue near Old Green River Road and South Green River Road.

Authorities say an elderly man drove his car on the flooded roadway – but was able to roll down his window and get out of the car. A local farmer used a back-hoe to pull the vehicle out of the water and take him back to shore.

The man later told police he wanted to see how high the water was at Angel Mounds Boat Ramp.

Other water rescues typically play out on flooded roads. Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham says authorities do have the means of rescuing people, but it can often times also put first responders in danger.

“There are resources out there that we are willing and able to utilize,” said Latham.

But he said if those resources are being used – that could be a sign of a much bigger problem – like people not following basic water safety tips.

In Posey County’s Point Township, at the Ohio River bottoms, and lowest point in the state, Latham says those residents most affected by floods often know what to do.

“They already have situations laid out or events laid out for these types of situations and they are very prepared and very well organized,” he said.”It’ts something they deal with at least annually I would say.”

With the Ohio River not expected to crest until sometime on Wednesday, many low lying areas including Waterworks Road remain under water.

In Evansville – firefighters say responding to water rescues pose a unique and challenging risk – with several variables often times working against them.

“A lot of people don’t really think about it, but knee high water is enough to sweep the average human away,” Evansville Fire Lutinetenant Adam Bigge “Then when you think most of the time people get into water that can push a car out of the way, that is a significant amount of risk for the rescuer as well.”

Fire officials urge the public to remain vigilant on the roads as the river keeps rising.

“If you see water high water just turn around guys it is not worth it,” said Lt. Bigge.



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