Authorities to Enforce Checkpoints This Weekend

A clear reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving – after a Kentucky man was charged in a fatal weekend crash in Morganfield.

Indiana State Police Master Trooper Randy Huddleston says there’s no excuse.

“It seems like it can happen at any time, we could have a DUI crash at any time,” said Master Trooper Randy Huddleston.

Reminding drivers to be vigilant – when spotting impaired drivers.

“For all of us to function out here-you see all this traffic out here we’re trying to get from point a to point b- and there is a certain skill set required to do that, and you want to have that skill set as sharp as possible,” said Huddleston.

Steve Ness says it seems like people are getting smarter about finding a way to get home.

“Yeah definitely see a lot of friends that will take rides with other friends, sometimes they do DD- designated driver thing, but definitely a lot with the ride shares especially if you split the costs with friends its way easy,” Ness said.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the deadliest time of the year to be on area roads – with more teens getting behind the wheel – increased road construction – and more people drinking on vacation.

Authorities say – it’s just not worth it.

“You know the best case scenario you’ll go to jail and pay a lot of fines and legal fees, worst case scenario you may take someone’s life and nobody wants to do that,” said Ness.



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