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Austin And Pruitt Campaign Ahead Of Midterms

Mayor Steve Austin has served Henderson for the past eight years and is hoping to be reelected against Robert Pruitt, a fourth term city council member.

“My opponent has, has not told the truth about my record in a lot of ways and has been somewhat disrespectful,” says Mayor Steve Austin.

“I’ve served with him for eight years, I think he’s a real good guy, but I think he’s out of touch with where Henderson is going in the future. The old policy of just tax and spend, we can’t do that anymore,” says Pruitt.

Mayor Austin says his biggest concern includes pension plans while looking at a payment plan of $500,000 a year for the next five years. “I’m very active in the Kentucky League of Cities. I’m on the board of directors, and the executive board, and out league of cities, which includes every city in the state of Kentucky are working together to separate our pension plan from the state plan. Our pension plan is 64% funded. The state plan is 13% funded.”

Pruitt says he’s concerned about spending tax money wisely and building a water park, but he described his biggest concern. “We have messed up I would say in managing our electrical company by allowing one company to really rip the citizens of Henderson off to over a 100 million dollars and then we settled and cut a deal only to accept 6 million dollars back so now starting in 2019 we have basically bankrupt our electrical company and will be buying power for the whole city in the first time in over 60 years.”



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