Attorney General Curtis Hill Faces Hearing on Groping Allegations

Indiana’s attorney general could lose his law license over claims that he groped several staffers and a state representative.  During the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission hearing for Curtis Hill, he denied allegations that he drunkenly groped several women during a 2018 party with co-workers. The women include state representative Mara Candelaria Reardon and three statehouse staffers.

A special prosecutor originally took up the accusations in an investigation but although he found the storied quote “credible” concluded a conviction was unlikely and did not press criminal charges.

Now the women are suing Hill and the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission is considering three rule violations:

  • Including Hill’s trustworthiness as a lawyer.
  • Conduct detrimental to the administration of justice
  • And engaged in offensive personality

The hearing is expected to take all week.  With Hill’s lawyers wanting to restrict evidence and testimony to the night of the party.

But the attorney for the commission wants to introduce testimony from women who would claim that hill engaged in similar behavior while he was the Elkhart County prosecutor several years ago.

Following the hearing former supreme court justice Myra Selby will review and possibly suggest sanctions against Hill which could include disbarment.



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