Animal Shelter Reopens in Spencer County

In August 2018, a former Spencer County Animal Shelter employee told 44News they were instructed to put living cats in the freezer to be euthanized.

There was never enough evidence to file criminal charges against the shelter, but the director was removed along with the animals.

County leaders decided to close the shelter until further notice.

Now, one of the region’s largest animal rescues is opening their doors in the same facility – but under new management.

“We hope to be part of the solution addressing some of those overpopulation issues,” said Spencer County’s Office Manager Jessa McCauley.

It Takes A Village No-kill Rescue took over the former Spencer County Animal Shelter.

“You’re not euthanizing for space, but at the same time, you’re not able to take every pet that is brought to you, but we are definitely excited to be here, we are definitely excited to help as many animals as we can,” said McCauley.

Spencer County Commissioner Tom Brown says even though the county has been left without a shelter for more than a year – today’s groundbreaking will keep the area moving forward.

“Even though it’s been a time and a delay, we think it is a positive thing in the long run,” said Brown.

The shelter was approved earlier this summer to take over the facility, with the help of some funding from Spencer County.

“We have complete confidence in them,” Brown said. “Going forward, we think this will be a wonderful opportunity for Spencer County citizens and we are just excited about this grand opening.”

The organization was already assisting animals from Spencer County for nine years and now the group’s leaders say they are thankful.

“It takes a village has been growing every year since it opened and this is just proof of that,” McCauley said.



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