Alleged Stabber Speaks Out

31-year-old Lacedrick Watt became emotional when recalling Thursday night, the night he is accused of an attempted robbery that ended with a woman stabbed. He says he is innocent and that police have the wrong man.

“Hopefully they do find the person that actually did it,” says Watt. “You can look at all the cameras around the stores seeing that I was only around that area one time and that was during the day time.”

There was a man caught on camera entering the store with a bandanna covering his face. The video was captured just moments before he demanded money then stabbed a store clerk.

“I mean why would someone rob something and come back with something I mean I would at least have stolen cigarettes or some chips or something,” says Watt.

44News did some digging and discovered this arrest was not Watt’s first brush with the law. He was previously arrested for trespassing and had two warrants out for different crimes; one was a gun charge and the other was failing to pay a fine.

If Watt is found guilty he could be locked up for up to 20 years.

“I’m sorry for the lady that got stabbed but I really didn’t have anything to do with that,” says Watt. “I don’t want to go to jail for something I didn’t do.”

When 44News asked Watt where he was Thursday around 8 or 9:00, he said, “We were at my buddy Bobby’s house over in Pennbrooke.”

He said he ran when police tried to approach him because of that gun charge. Although Owensboro police say he was likely running for another reason.

“I can’t get into all of the specifics but there is forensic evidence supporting the case that he was the suspect involved,” says Officer Andrew Boggess.

Watt’s girlfriend told 44News that evidence was bloody clothing he hid. His girlfriend says he admitted to stabbing the Dollar General Store clerk three to four times.



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