Alleged Kidnapping, Assault Leads to Shooting

Owensboro police have made an arrest as they continue to piece together what led up to a shooting early this morning.

“We’d just seen a guy laying over there in the yard. We thought it was a heart attack. By the time we noticed that the cops were pulling up. I’d seen him barely moving and raising his head up. I couldn’t tell what was going on,” recalled neighbor Brandon Pate.

Like many of his neighbors, Pate says he didn’t even hear the gunfire ringing out early this morning.

For him, learning from police that two men on his street were involved in a shooting came as a surprise.

“Big time. Everybody pretty much stays indoors. You’ll see somebody outside every once a while doing yard work. Everybody pretty much sticks to themselves. This is the first time something like this has happened,” Pate explained.

But investigators found out more took place at the home than just a gun going off.

Police are accusing the gunshot victim of kidnapping and assault, saying he bound the homeowner’s hands and struck him.

51-year-old Brian Scott Bailey is said to have come to the home before 10:00 that morning. He’s accused of tying up 76-year-old Eugene Evans and assaulting him.

But police believe Evans fought back, and Bailey was shot once.

“One did appear to have a gunshot. The other victim—or the other individual—had significant injuries. We’re not sure the nature of those injuries at this point,” said Officer Andrew Boggess with Owensboro Police.

While Bailey was released from the hospital, Evans is recovering from life-threatening injuries.

A team of detectives spent the day in and out of the house, removing weapons and boxes and bags of potential evidence.

But as of now only Bailey has been charged.

He faces counts of kidnapping and first-degree assault. It’s not clear if Evans will face charges as well.

“I would think in this situation it would be extremely unlikely. But as the investigation continues I’m not going to rule that out either,” said Boggess.

The investigation remains ongoing. Those with information are asked to reach out to Owensboro police.



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