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Alleged Bullying Case at Castle High School

A few students at Castle High School In Newburgh say another student bullied a girl with special needs.

According to several students who witnessed it – the student had milk thrown on her – and other students were laughing when she started to cry.

We caught up with one incoming Castle High School freshman – who says the culture inside Warrick County Schools shows administrators are working to address the problem.

Some high school students took to social media – condemning not only the students involved but also the school district.

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“”To throw chocolate milk on a special needs student, laugh at her face, and have you and your friends brag about it is sickening. to then have a school not do anything about it but “apologize” to the student doesn’t do justice. i am angry & disappointed with the school & students.” – @ChloeDillman

The Warrick County School Board adopted an anti-bullying policy back in 2013 to address problems like this.

Any state school that receives federal funding is required have policies like this in place to address these issues.

School Superintendent Brad Schneider tells me tonight – he is aware of the incident and surveillance video will be pulled to make a final determination on the fate of those involved.

Schneider said no administrators were in the building at the time of the incident.

However – one school employee who is undergoing training to become an administrator was there to break up the ordeal.



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